Comprehensive, powerful & secure cloud based shared care management and real time remote health monitoring software platform with telehealth capability

CareMonitor is an enterprise grade Patient Provider Partnership Platform. It provides a comprehensive, powerful and secure end-to-end cloud based software solution that enables healthcare teams to collaborate, proactively manage care and take preventative action. Through seamless integration with a range of clinical management systems, CareMonitor makes it very efficient to coordinate complex clinical pathways, care planning, medication management and patient engagement. Our vision is to leverage smart technology to enable longitudinal population health management and proactive patient centered care. We have a particular focus on prevention and management of chronic diseases.


Multidisciplinary Shared Care Planning and Management

CareMonitor enables integrated care coordination of patients by members of multidisciplinary care teams through the provision of a range of tools to securely collaborate, communicate, monitor and manage patient health.

Realtime Remote Health Monitoring

Real time remote health monitoring of vital signs. Seamless integration with a range of health devices, such as blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, glucometers etc. Automatically synchronise data from devices compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit

Clinical Decision Support Algorithms

Advanced algorithms help stratify the patient population and identify at risk groups. The decision support tools enable care teams to choose and allocate appropriate care pathways, assign SMART careplans and care team members.

Population Health Management Dashboard & Reporting

Population health management dashboard provides real time insights to monitor patient outcomes, identify and address care gaps within the patient population and improve health outcomes. Advanced analytics and reporting to link and aggregate data (including across multiple sites) to provide comprehensive clinical cohort analysis.

Workflow Management

A range of tools to improve efficiency of clinical workflow such as best practice care plan templates for major disease categories which can be completely customised, ability to quickly add patient groups to recall lists, assign tasks, automate patient reminders, send secure in app messages to patients and make video calls as required.

Patient Engagement

Engage, educate and empower patients via user friendly mobile app (iOS and Android). Activate the patients to play a role in their own health. Push health assessment questionnaires, provide educational content, conduct video consultations and track patient activity between visits to improve patient outcomes and loyalty by delivering tailored care that is personalised to the patient.

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